the earl’s challenge: conquering deliciousness

6 Jul

I had a dream one night. A thin, pale-skinned, bouffant-topped figure in lace issued a challenge to me. Calling himself the Earl of Sandwich—what a ridiculous name!—the figure flashed images of a hundred and one “compact culinary concoctions” and dared me to find and devour them. I don’t like hoity-toity reciters of alliterations, and I DO love a food challenge, so I picked up the earl’s frilly gauntlet and embarked on my epic journey.

These are my conquests [FINIS]:


101. Tuna Melt, Eisenberg’s [CONQUERED!!!]

100. The Elvis, Peanut Butter & Co. [CONQUERED!!!]

99. Sesame Pancake With Beef, Vanessa’s Dumplings [CONQUERED!!!]

98. P.H.O. Real, Sunny & Annie Deli [CONQUERED!!!]

97. Chacarero Completo, Barros Luco [CONQUERED!!!]

96. Turkey Sandwich, Roll-n-Roaster [CONQUERED!!!]

95. Llanero Patacon, Patacon Pisao #2 [CONQUERED!!!]

94. Telera Sandwich, Mangia [CONQUERED!!!]

93. Bombay Pav Vada, Sukhadia’s [CONQUERED!!!]

92. Pulled Pork Sandwich, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats [CONQUERED!!!]

91. Cheesesteak, 99 Miles to Philly [CONQUERED!!!]

90. Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken Breast, the Smile [CONQUERED!!!]

89. Eggplant Parm, No. 7 Sub [CONQUERED!!!]

88. Chicken Club, Cipriani Dolci [CONQUERED!!!]

87. Peppers and Eggs, Defonte’s of Brooklyn [CONQUERED!!!]

86. Pig’s Ass Sandwich Casellula Cheese & Wine Café [CONQUERED!!!]

85. Roast Pork Special, Shorty’s [CONQUERED!!!]

84. Chopped Liver, 2nd Ave. Deli [CONQUERED!!!]

83. Ham and Cheese, Char No. 4 [CONQUERED!!!]

82. Sturgeon and Eggs, Barney Greengrass [CONQUERED!!!]

81. Crispy Pork Sandwich, Bark [CONQUERED!!!]

80. Torta Ahogada, La Superior [CONQUERED!!!]

79. Hot Roast Beef With Mutz and Gravy, John’s Deli [CONQUERED!!!]

78. Chicken Sandwich, Chick-fil-A [CONQUERED!!!]

77. Brisket, Blue Smoke [CONQUERED!!!]

76. Falafel, Taïm [CONQUERED!!!]

75. The Scott Baio, Lioni’s [CONQUERED!!!]

74. Cuma, Farinella [CONQUERED!!!]

73. Oyster Po’ Boy, Cheeky Sandwiches [CONQUERED!!!]

72. Fried Chicken Sandwich, Georgia’s Eastside BBQ [CONQUERED!!!]

71. Non Ti Scordar Di Me, Via Quadronno [CONQUERED!!!]

70. That Way, This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef [CONQUERED!!!]

69. Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Tebaya [CONQUERED!!!]

68. Reuben Crusher, R.U.B. [CONQUERED!!!]

67. Cemita Al Pastor, Tulcingo del Valle [CONQUERED!!!]

66. Fried Whiting Sandwich, Famous Fish Market [CONQUERED!!!]

65. Saltimbocca, Kesté [CONQUERED!!!]

64. Marinated White Anchovies, ’wichcraft [CONQUERED!!!]

63. Kentucky Hot Brown, Bar Americain [CONQUERED!!!]

62. Torta Cubana, Ricos Tacos [CONQUERED!!!]

61. Le Focaccine, Sant Ambroeus [CONQUERED!!!]

60. Tea Sandwiches, Fatty Crab [CONQUERED!!!]

59. Shrimp Roll, Luke’s Lobster [CONQUERED!!!]

58. Mackerel With Leeks, Num Pang [CONQUERED!!!]

57. Lamb Dip, ilili [CONQUERED!!!]

56. Bacon and Marmalade on Pumpernickel, Prune General Tso’s Tofu Sandwich, No. 7 Sub [CONQUERED!!!]

55. Picante Sandwich, Despaña [CONQUERED!!!]

54. Croque M, the Mark [CONQUERED!!!]

53. PMB, Sullivan St. Bakery [CONQUERED!!!]

52. BBQ Rib Short Rib Sandwich, Momofuku Ssäm Bar [CONQUERED!!!]

51. Egg Toast, Blue Ribbon Bakery Market [CONQUERED!!!]

50. Super Heebster, Russ & Daughters [CONQUERED!!!]

49. Chicken Bánh Mì, Bánh Mì Saigon [CONQUERED!!!]

48. Bánh Mì, Má Pêche [CONQUERED!!!]

47. Oyster Roll, Pearl Oyster Bar [CONQUERED!!!]

46. Grilled Cheese, Milk Truck [CONQUERED!!!]

45. Lamb Meatball Sliders, Locanda Verde [CONQUERED!!!]

44. Tête de Cochon Sandwich, Resto [CONQUERED!!!]

43. Bacon, Egg, and Lettuce, Bklyn Larder [CONQUERED!!!]

42. The Mussolini, Mike’s Deli [CONQUERED!!!]

41. Vegetarian Sandwich, Abraço Espresso [CONQUERED!!!]

40. Mumbai Grilled Sandwich, Mumbai Xpress [CONQUERED!!!]

39. Egg & Cheese, Prime Meats [CONQUERED!!!]

38. Pork ‘Burger,’ Xi’an Famous Foods [CONQUERED!!!]

37. Eggplant Parmigiana, Catene Italian Deli [CONQUERED!!!]

36. Mushroom Sandwich, Northern Spy Food Co. [CONQUERED!!!]

35. Pork Meatball Hero, the Meatball Shop [CONQUERED!!!]

34. Porchetta Calabrese, Salumeria Rosi [CONQUERED!!!]

33. Smoked Salmon and Caviar Croque Monsieur, Le Bernardin Coconut Tiger Shrimp Sandwich, Num Pang [CONQUERED!!!]

32. Turkey Leg, Henry Public [CONQUERED!!!]

31. Muffuletta, Fort Defiance [CONQUERED!!!]

30. Cubano Sandwich, El Sitio [CONQUERED!!!]

29. BLT, Frankies Spuntino [CONQUERED!!!]

28. Chicken Shawarma, Karam [CONQUERED!!!]

27. Panelle and Potato Special, Ferdinando’s Focacceria [CONQUERED!!!]

26. Country Ham Biscuit, Egg [CONQUERED!!!]

25. Roast Pork With Bread and Butter Pickles and Provolone BLT-E Sammie, Colicchio & Sons [CONQUERED!!!]

24. Mama’s Special, Leo’s Latticini [CONQUERED!!!]

23. Porchetta Sandwich, Di Palo Dairy [CONQUERED!!!]

22. Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich With House-Smoked Ham, Breslin Bar & Dining Room [CONQUERED!!!]

21. Chicken Parm, Torrisi Italian Specialties [CONQUERED!!!]

20. Sloppy Bao, Baoguette [CONQUERED!!!]

19. Tuna Tartine, Bouchon Bakery [CONQUERED!!!]

18. Quattro Panino, ’ino [CONQUERED!!!]

17. Smoked Pork Shoulder Bánh Mì, Fatty ’Cue [CONQUERED!!!]

16. Connecticut Lobster Roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound [CONQUERED!!!]

15. Duke’s Churasco, Island Burgers and Shakes [CONQUERED!!!]

14. Pastrami, Katz’s Delicatessen [CONQUERED!!!]

13. Croque Monsieur, Bar Boulud [CONQUERED!!!]

12. Breakfast Melt, Murray’s Cheese [CONQUERED!!!]

11. Smoked Meat, Mile End [CONQUERED!!!]

10. Porchetta Sandwich, Porchetta [CONQUERED!!!]

9. Meatball Sandwich, Terroir Tribeca [CONQUERED!!!]

8. Romeo, Alidoro [CONQUERED!!!]

7. Scuttlebutt, Saltie [CONQUERED!!!]

6. Uni Panini, El Quinto Pino [CONQUERED!!!]

5. The Ruth Wilensky, Mile End [CONQUERED!!!]

4. Pâté Thit Nguôi, Ba Xuyen [CONQUERED!!!]

3. Cubano Sandwich, the Spotted Pig [CONQUERED!!!]

2. Pane e Panelle, Bar Stuzzichini Prime Rib Panini, Eataly [CONQUERED!!!]

1. Smoked Brisket, Fatty ’Cue [CONQUERED!!!]


[This list is actually from New York Magazine’s Grub Street 101 Best Sandwiches of New York, published in the may 2010 edition of the magazine. You can browse the list here.]


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