the earl’s challenge: #1 — smoked brisket [at “Fatty ‘Cue”]

8 Jul

moist pieces of smoked brisket, silky cheddar cheese, pickled onions, moderately spicy chili jam, tangy aioli, and bright cilantro, all on a parisi loaf–such are the components of fatty ‘cue’s list-topper ‘wich. unlike ‘cue’s sloppily tasty smoked pork shoulder banh mi (#17 on this here list), the smoked brisket ‘wich is composed, confident in the interplay of its textures and the harmoniousness of its asian-slash-southern-bbq flavors, and certain of its undeniable deliciousness. unlike most of the ‘wiches on the list, the smoked brisket gives off an aroma–deep, rich, nostalgia-inducing–and demands savoring, the taking of time to enjoy every bite. savor i did, appreciating the ‘wich on a cold and rainy spring day in williamsburg, lost in ruminations of a challenge completed and a pledge kept. is the smoked brisket truly the best ‘wich on the list? is it my favorite? ultimately, those questions matter little. the journey was the joy, not the signposts along the way.


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