the earl’s challenge: #2 — pane e panelle [at “Bar Stuzzichini”] prime rib panini [at “Eataly”]

8 Jul


bad news bears, friends. the pane e panelle–a fried chickpea italian ‘wich that is the number two ‘wich on the list–is no longer served at bar stuzzichini. i found that out just before i stepped into the restaurant. needless to say, i was crushed. stumbling away from stuzzichini in a bit of a daze, i searched for a sign of sanity in my suddenly shaken world–and then i saw eataly. eataly, my friends, is a massive flatiron district retail space that is stuffed to the rafters with imported italian products and graced by gelato bars, coffee stands, fish restaurants, pasta tastings, and a rosticceria that churns out roast meat specials daily. (one day, pork arista. another day, brisket bollito. a third day, porchetta–yummo.) naturally, i gravitated to that particular corner, drawn by the pungent aroma of roasted meats–only to find the motherlode: a prime rib panini. a pound’s worth of freshly roasted prime rib slices + olive oil + salt + foot-long crusty loaf = a perfect way to forget all about the pane e panelle. welcome to the list, prime rib panini. you’re right where you belong.


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