the earl’s challenge: #28 — chicken shawarma [at “Karam”]

8 Jul


very few things in the culinary world give me greater pleasure than watching a man (or, be still my beating heart, a lady) carve up a rotating spit of meat–shawarma, for the uninitiated–and fill gyro bread with the piping-hot slices. karam’s version of the chicken shawarma throws in the usual suspects–chicken slices, assorted veggies–but also tosses in pickled radish chunks and elevates everything with a special “mystery sauce” that ties everything together in a delicious package. if you’re ever in nyc and you find yourself ordering gyros from a halal food cart, make sure you get “mystery sauce”–usually white and piped from ketchup bottles–and prepare to be gobsmacked with gobble-worthy tastiness.


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