the earl’s challenge: #56 — bacon and marmalade on pumpernickel [at “Prune”] gener​al tso’s tofu sandwich [at “No. 7 Sub”]

8 Jul

on the original nymag list, this position is occupied by prune’s bacon and marmalade on pumpernickel. seriously, that sounds like the most whacked-out ‘wich there is. sadly, prune has taken the ‘wich off its menu, but fear not, for your intrepid ‘wich gobbler looked high and low for a similarly wacky ‘wich to take its place. behold: the general tso’s tofu sandwich from no. 7 sub (whose fried eggplant parm is no. 89 on the list). this, ladies and gents, is a ‘wich with two large slabs of tofu, coated in the same sweet, sticky, unmistakable marinade used in general tso’s chicken take-outs, and deep-fried to perfect crispness. the ‘wich packs in crunchy squash slices, bits of pickled ginger, and shisho leaves to emphasize the ‘wich’s asian heritage, but there’s nothing traditional about this trippy creation. the best part? the tofu tasted like chicken. i kid you not.


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