the earl’s challenge: #9 — meatball sandwich [at “Terroir Tribeca”]

8 Jul

Terroir Tribeca

new york city is awash in meatballs, but few are as transcendentally delicious as the prodigious balls of flavor stuffed into this ‘wich from terroir tribeca. the meatballs are unmistakably veal, coated in sharp ricotta cheese, and bathed in a brightly herbed tomato sauce. happily, all of that yumminess resides within a crispy roll that never goes soggy, unlike rolls from certain ‘wich chains (*ahem*subway*ahem*). i was so enthralled with the meatballs that i plucked one of them from the roll and savored it with a knife and fork, like a proper food snob. i’ve come a long way from chef boyardee, yes indeedy.


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